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  • Michael Cantrell

Releasing our V3 Transcription Engine

List of transcription engine improvements in 18% more accurate. Improved Punctuation. Improved Capitalization. Improved Speaker Identification. 5-40x faster transcription speed.

V3 brings Improved Accuracy, Punctuation, Proper Noun Recognition and More!

We are excited to announce the third version of our transcription engine is live for all customers! This new version comes with a number of enhancements that improve accuracy of transcripts to reduce the time needed by you to bring's formatted rough transcript to a certified final transcript.

Improved Accuracy

Overall accuracy has improved by 18% and shows a 30% reduction in Word Error Rate (WER) when compared to other transcription providers. This accuracy is shown in improved recognition of similar sounding words as well as a wider vocabulary for recognition.

Improved Punctuation

Punctuation is now 22% more accurate, resulting in improved sentence structure. Additionally, dates, times, and numbers are formatted more consistently, requiring fewer corrections of those mentions in a transcript.

Improved Capitalization & Proper Nouns

Capitalization accuracy has also improved by 33%. Primarily surfacing around proper nouns, these improvements along with the improved accuracy lead to better identification of names, places, and businesses along with proper capitalization of those entities in the transcript. These mistakes in our prior engine were one of the most commented on issues with transcripts, and we are most excited to have made progress addressing those mistakes.

Faster than Ever

Lastly, we have taken our speed improvements from earlier in the year, and made our system even faster. We have seen anywhere from 5x to 40x faster processing time, depending on the file. Generally, we have seen the longer the duration, the greater the speed improvement.

Try Today

If you haven't already given a try, we would love for you to sign up for a free trial today. Every trial comes with your first 3 jobs free of charge, no credit card required.

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