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  • Michael Cantrell

New Pay As You Go Pricing! now offers Pay As You Go Pricing!

Due 100% to customer feedback, we have launched our new Pay As You Go plan! This new plan allows you to get all the power of DepoScribe with no upfront monthly payment.

DepoScribe Pay as you go pricing features no monthly commitment, $9 per audio hour, billed once per month, no upfront costs, and no need to prepurchase

There are no reserved hours, so you only pay each month for the audio you run through DepoScribe. Each audio hour is charged at $9 per hour, and you are billed per minute.

If you run no audio on a given month, you won’t be charged! If you run a single hour, you’ll only be charged for that hour. No upfront costs, no purchasing hour blocks, just use DepoScribe on demand.

We also still offer our monthly plans with discounts for reserved hours as low as $7 per hour.

Find out more on our pricing page.

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