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Double your output with DepoScribe

Let DepoScribe’s AI do the first pass rough transcription with Q&A and Colloquy  and spend your time fine tuning the final transcript.

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Unlock the power of AI
for your transcription workflow

Purpose built for Legal Transcribers, Scopists, Court Reporters and Court Reporting Agencies, DepoScribe is a new, AI transcription tool that redefines the process of legal transcription for your business.

Start from a legally formatted first pass

Accelerate transcription time up to 4x

Dramatically increase revenue

Easily integrates into any workflow


Legally Formatted Output

How it works


Upload your audio recordings, whether a single recording or separate speaker channels. All standard audio formats are supported (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, aac, etc).


Identify specific speakers from the transcribed audio. Work through each identified speaker to provide their name and role in the legal event.


Download our automatically generated formatted rough transcript with Q&A, Colloquy, and appropriate formatting for the jurisdiction.


Simple & Approachable Workflow

  1. Provide case details

  2. Upload audio

  3. Identify Speakers & Roles

  4. Download formatted Rough Transcript

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Automatically formats to the jurisdiction

We have combed through the code in every state to ensure automatic formatting complying with all margins, line numbering, font size, Q&A and Colloquy spacing, and more.


Microsoft Word as a powerful legal transcription editor 

Microsoft Word is the best editor on the planet. DepoScribe builds on that power with legal specific style buttons automatically populated in Word. This gives you powerful editing tools to change formatting as needed, all without learning new software. These include Colloquy, Q&A, Normal, and Parantheticals to easily change things like lines per page, characters per line, Q&A, Colloquy and more.

Let's talk numbers!

See exactly how revolutionary DepoScribe can be for your business. Just plug in your Audio Hours/Pages below and our calculators will show you!


Assumes avg. industry standard page rates

Assumes 1 Audio Hour = 40 pgs

Assumes 1 Audio Hour = 40 pgs

Assumes avg. industry standard transcriber rates

How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

Get Straight to Scoping
Transcribe More, Faster
Jurisdiction Formatting
Easy Billing by Hours of Audio
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With the Right Platform,
Everything Is Possible

Try out DepoScribe
with your first 3 jobs free!
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